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There are many reasons Reliable Realty SRL is the selected agency for prospective buyers from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and other countries where English is commonly used. 

We are Committed to Being the Best

Finding the best agency is just as important as finding the perfect property. Just about anybody can sell real estate in Bavaro/ Punta Cana, so Buyer Beware!  When you partner with Reliable Realty DR (est. 2008), you benefit from an agency that can assist you in all ownership aspects.  We will never claim to being the biggest, but our repeat clients, and ongoing referrers say we are the BEST!

We Provide the most complete FULL SERVICES needed, and stay with all our clients through the entire sales process, and way beyond, and even helping them attain the best return on their property investment.  We are knowledgeable about the area and the Dominican culture; resolving any problems we see from our eyes as North Americans ourselves.  We have developed a reliable brokerage that closely resembles the buying and selling protocols and ethics of the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom.  We respond to our array of client questions in a timely manner.  Our agency philosophy is built on sound ethics, trustworthiness and honesty.  With a positive reputation backed by numerous and ongoing testimonials  We have healthy and established relationships with reliable Developers, Legal firms, Suppliers/ Contractors, and other various professionals needed, who share like-kind ethics.


  • Assisting in all your research before you select a property to purchase, with 100% Closing Success with Title, with no Law suits or grievances.  Here or in the U.S.
  • We provide 100% Legal Services - Sales contracts, the real IPI (transfer Tax amounts), and the step by step processes to make your purchasing decision as stress-free as possible.  Prompt sales transactions- within 2 weeks to 30 days.  Expat Legal services that also provide Dominican Residency, and Dominican Corporation set up for foreigners.
  • We provide Full Property Management Services- specializing in the best ROI in short-term vacation rentals with Full Owner and Vacation Rental Guest Services (i.e., Airport transfers, 24/7 on call services, bookings of excursions (tours), immediate repair and maintenance assistance.  Our office is conveniently located a short walk from over 85% of the properties we manage.
  • Full Project Management Services – Needed For new construction or renovation desires:  We are the liaison between our purchasers of new construction, and the Builders (Developers); providing progress photos or videos, liaison between you and the Developer (builder); Once finished; 2  inspections (before electricity is established, and after), The setup of all utilities in your name, special color painting, furnishings, Decor, special upgrades, etc.
  • Our Advisors and Services are FOR LIFE – All foreigners need someone who is reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the area to help them navigate within a different culture.  OUR CLIENTS BECOME OUR FRIENDS FOR LIFE!


We provide complete Project Management Services (New construction readiness, renovations - existing properties, etc.)

Concerned about buying New Construction?  No worries when securing Reliable Realty SRL. About 40% of our sales are of New Construction, whether it be a single family House (villa) or a Condo (apartment/ flat).  Our Agency only works with proven Developers who used quality construction materials and follow the required building codes set by the government.  Many New Construction properties also qualify for the one time 3% transfer title tax, and are also guaranteed 15 years of property tax exemption!  With our team of exceptional Legal Attorney's (who also speak English), 100% of the New Construction properties we have sold have completed  (Yes... sometimes later than desired... common anywhere in the world); and have all acheived title in the buyers (owners) names.

Common New Owner Concerns“But we won’t be there in the DR to see the progress for ourselves”What if we want to customize the property? Or paint rooms with our favorite colors? How do we furnish the property, and where do we buy furniture, appliances, electronics, décor, and home accessories needed?  How do we get our utility accounts set up, and how do we pay our ownership costs?  

Very simple... You contact Reliable Realty SRL!  We are your "hands, ears, eyes, mouth, and feet on the ground here".  We take care of all these concerns on your behalf, all aspects you can think about.  We then take it one step further should you too decide to leverage as an income property when you're not using it, or if you do not plan to rent it out when you are not using it, and simply need our monthly Property Management cleaning, airing out, and weather or other security inspection Services. Let us know so we can provide you with our price and service list.

A Leader in Punta Cana Sales, Vacation Rentals, and Property Management

We are an East Coast leader when combining our active departments of Real Estate Sales, Project Management, and Property Management, offering a nice portfolio of short term vacation rentals we manage; The properties we represent are primarily located in or near the well known HGTV beach-town areas within Bavaro, called El Cortecito and Los Corales, the Cocotal Golf and Beach Residential area, the rising star of properties located in White Sands, the popular Residential Cana Bay Golf Course area (where the Hard Rock Resort and Casino are); as well as other newer developed residential areas in the Downtown Punta Cana (located between Bavaro and Punta Cana),. 

See what our clients are saying about Reliable Property Management.

Purchasing real estate in a foreign country can be more complex.  The process is nearly impossible without a grasp of Spanish, AND the honest assistance of a professional. We assist our clients with every detail before, during and after their purchase, all the way to title in their name and in a short timely manner.  We pride ourselves on having no law suits.

Real Estate Licenses are not required in the Dominican Republic.  And not all all agents (independent or through other agencies) in the DR are, knowledgable, experienced, and- or reliable.

However, Owner/broker Maria Williams has been a U.S. licensed Realtor since 2005 and has lived in Punta Cana since 2008. She is in good standing with the U.S. National Association of Realtors (NAR), and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), as well as many other misc, certifications as a Duel Agent, and an expert on the Changing Market Conditions in the areas on the East Coast we service.  Maria maintains her affiliation with Century 21 in West Michigan, and is a member of the AEI Real Estate Association in the Dominican Republic. 

For a sampling of what makes Reliable Realty the best, please check out the other pages throughout our website.  

Reliable and titled Listings:
You can trust our listings to be legitimate and reliable because we are selective in the listings we represent. Unlike other agencies who "borrow" listings on demand, or what the call "Handshake here", we personally know our seller clients. With fully signed and legitimate Listing Contracts, along with proof of the seller’s identification, and legal titles. The majority of our photos were physically taken by our Professional photographers, and are the real deal!

Many of our listings are exclusive to Reliable Realty – meaning we know our sellers well, are well situated to work with our sellers for a fair negotiation; meaning, we can also provide speedy, yet accurate closings with easy transfer of title into our new owners names.  Knowing the status and personal requirements of each Seller, makes our Agency transparent with a higher chance of our Buyer clients offers going through.  No stress of "long waits "wondering" if you offer will be accepted.

We are NOT a High Pressure Agency

To be quite honest, we are too busy to "chase leads.” We believe that when you are "ready, willing and able" to purchase/ or sell, you will select the agency you trust and are most comfortable with. We hope that your choice will be RELIABLE REALTY SRL! 

Embracing the Local Business Culture with Community Initiatives

Our experiences in Punta Cana have helped us adapt to and embrace to the local Caribbean (Latin) business culture. Here procedures take longer and local networking is extremely important; primarily done face to face, rather than by phone or email. We have earned the trust of Buyers and Sellers from all over the world, Reputable Developers, Legal Attorneys, Contractors, Suppliers, and an endless array of other Professionals whom over several years, we have built strong and trusting relationships; consistently maintaining a good reputation in the industry.  We all work hard, long, and hard, learning to be professionally patient yet persistent!

We believe in giving back to the community when we can.

  1)  Trash/ Recycling; 2)  Dog/ Cat Rescue Assistance; 3)  Donations and support to local schools.

Committed to Ongoing Relationships

When you purchase with Reliable Realty DR, you become part of the growing community (family) of satisfied Reliable Realty Owners.  2-4 times a year our agency hosts group excursions (i.e. sailing tours or buggy tours) for our community of Owner clients, Repeat Vacationers, friends and family. Often our clients become our life-long friends for life.  Many Owners and vacationing guests plan their return trips together so they never feel alone and always have an array of things to do together. Our office is only a short walk away from 60% of the properties we sell and 85% of the properties we manage and rent to vacationers on behalf our owner clients.  We are always here to assist, and advise.  We are highly committed to these ongoing relationships because much of business comes from repeat clients, referrals, and word of mouth.

Multilingual Services

Although our primarily clients are English-speaking buyers, sellers, and investors, our agency collectively speaks, reads and writes; English, Spanish, French, and Dutch, with hands-on collaborators who will assist with Italian, German and Russian.