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Testimonials about Reliable Realty DR & Reliable Property Management


Mike and Debbie Yurchison -  Columbiana, Ohio - SELLERS of a 2BR in SOL TROPICAL, IN OUR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - Featured on HGTV Caribbean Life Season 16, Episode 4.

Hello Maria:  We just want to thank you again for handling the sale of our condo in such a professional manner! Every detail seemed to go smoothly and quickly without any snags or holdups. And of course, God was behind the whole thing making it go so smoothly. I'm sure you have had your share of difficult transactions, but this one was special in the fact that we all got to get together and celebrate this transaction by getting to know each other with a nice dinner afterwards. What a great experience it was. 

Desiree Ellis & Murray – Vancouver, BC. Condo - SELLERS of a 2BR penthouse in CORTESEA - IN OUR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT / VACATION RENTAL PROGRAM - Participated in the “COVID-19 WE CARE”  Discount offer to Vacationers

Thank you Maria for the detailed updates on the situation in the DR during this crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, its much appreciated.  

I also appreciate the work you guys continue to do looking after and maintaining so many North American Owners properties over there.  And also how you are looking out for your staff, by finding ways to make the most of this terrible situation right now and keeping them on your payroll.

Maria, I know you put a lot of thought, research, and time into preparing this Owner Update Report, and the “We Care Discount Incentive” proposal you sent to all of us owners.  A great idea and effort for stimulating business again for everyone, including providing some financial relief for hopeful vacationers coming to Punta Cana (Bavaro) soon!

None of us has control over this situation right now.  People cannot just hop on a plane and go anywhere at this time, even if they wanted to.  But yes, many can still pre-book their "condo-renting vacations" online, and if they cannot come because of these pandemic uncertainties, its great you will refund them.

So, YES, we will participate in this “We Care Incentive” program.  Please include us!

Gordon and Tamara from Canada- GRATEFUL VACATION RENTAL GUESTS (Jan. 2021)

We are a retired couple who, last year, rented a condo unit in Punta Cana from Reliable Realty for winter of 2021.  We were looking forward to our stay again, and then Covid-19 hit the world.  For several reasons, including age and health, we could not travel during the pandemic.  But thanks to the efforts of Todd and Maria (Owners) we were able to receive a refund for our stay.  We want to express our gratitude and appreciation for their caring and understanding in this difficult time for all.  We readily recommend Todd and Maria/ and Reliable Realty if you are looking for a vacation place (or property to purchase) in Bavaro/Punta Cana area.


Ian Morland – (Canadian) - Condo Owner & HOA President in Luxury Condo Community in Bavaro (El Cortecito Beach-town)


During most of my working life, I knew that retiring at age 60 was a priority. I felt strongly that you must give yourself the time remaining in your life to enjoy things like travel, doing what you like to do when you want to do them and maybe buying that vacation property on a beautiful island. Live your dreams when you can and don't wait until it's too late.  Don't be part of the “Would of, could of, should of Club”. Something to think about during these trying COVID-19 pandemic days.    

Sue Pigeon-Cumming (Canadian) Owner of Luxury 2 Bedroom condo by the beach - PURCHASED THROUGH RELIABLE REALTY 2015                         

Hi, I'm from Canada and recently retired. ❤.  I used to be like so many people... dreaming of and anticipating that truly valuable and golden reward... "The vacation in the Caribbean!" 🏝☀️⛱

Yup, to get out of the cold, go to a resort, live it up, and feel like a QUEEN for a couple weeks! 👸💝👑 .  I LOVED how this time was ALWAYS so AMAZING!

 I would live the rest of my year, showing anyone and everyone my rewarding, “pamper my soul, nirvana-Sun&Fun holiday” pictures. Later, I would once again dream, plan, and anticipate my next miraculous 2 week Caribbean QUEEN 👑 vacation. Like a broken record, I would do this year after year, knowing 2 weeks was never long enough! 😪Then....it hit me, an ahhhh haaa moment:🤔

"Why don't I make the kind of life I don't need to vacation away from? 😉 Make my whole life INTO a vacation!!" 😎

So, with the awesome help of my Real Estate Broker, Maria Williams, I purchased my own "QUEEN condo" at my favorite Caribbean place; ❤️ Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! ❤️  In retrospect, I had the very best and honest help. Now Maria and I are the greatest of friends here!

I am so glad I purchased my own condo, especially now, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic! Why would anyone ever want to go to a crowded resort?  Or worse yet, on a cruise! You couldn't pay ME enough to get on a "corona petri dish, contaminated cramped boat!😱

I did try to fly back to Canada when this worldly chaotic pandemic began, but so far I have had 4 Air Canada flights canceled.🤣😂  I jumped for joy and thanked the universe with each flight cancellation! 🙏

So, I am waiting it out on this gorgeous tropical island, sitting on my big beautiful balcony, like a QUEEN! 👑. The grocery stores are well stocked (much better than in Canada). I have everything I need here, and I'm pampering my soul every day in the Caribbean's sun. 

Yup! I learned, and I learned well. So well that I'm thinking of a full-time retirement here WHY?  Because:


.. and living like a QUEEN!!!!👑

Nancy & Greg Brown - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - Took Real Estate Assessment Tour

A long overdue thank you Maria. Our assessment tour was very informative and extremely entertaining. As others have said; it was the best day of our holiday. As you know we have to sell a property up here before we can purchase in Punta Cana. I will continue to do my Saturday morning updates on your website. When the day comes, you can be sure we will be using your services. Can't wait to be neighbors’. If we must holiday again before we are able to purchase, but we will definitely let you know!

Michael and Bronwen Surber - Pflugerville, Texas - Future Purchasers and "FRIENDS FOR LIFE"

Hello Maria!  We had such a blast the week we were in Punta Cana and it was SOOOOO hard leaving when the time came.  Renting a condo through your agency was so easy and we felt right at home the whole time we stayed there.  We loved being able to explore the fun and safe beach-town areas of El Cortecito and Los Corales and found so much to do there! You know it’s been a successful vacation when you start planning to come back before you even leave, right? 

Thanks so much for your detailed showing spreadsheet too. It will really help us evaluate where we want to buy when the time comes.  Believe it or not, we loved all the properties you showed us so much that even now we find it hard to decide which one we like the most.  That changes pretty much daily because all the properties have their positives and practically no negatives.  You really did a great job picking properties for us.  Now it’s up to us to pick one (or two!).

We’ve both been incredibly busy since our return and working non-stop.  That’s always the bad part of a vacation, the work that’s waiting for you when you go back.  We will definitely be back though and I know we will be in touch as well.  You are a great friend and we want to make sure you know you are already an important partner in our future plans.  We surely would not be able to do what we want to do without your valuable help and guidance.  Thanks so much for all you do.  We really do value your help and your friendship.  Friends for life, right?  See you in the spring and talk to you sooner than that!

Fabiola & Jorge- Miami, Florida                                                                                                        CONDO OWNERS IN EL CORTECITO - SECURE PROPERY MANAGEMENT / VACATION RENTAL SERVICES SINCE 2009!

“We met Todd and Maria Williams while on vacation in Punta Cana in the summer of '08. We own a condo at El Cortecito beach and needed a property manager. Todd has been managing our unit since. He has proven to be an excellent manager. Very honest professional, ethical and knowledgeable. Together, Todd and Maria have taken our worries of owning a property in another country while taking care of our condo as if it were his. His wife Maria is a US licensed real estate agent selling properties through Reliable Realty DR in Punta Cana, also an honest and dedicated professional. We will highly recommend them both if you are planning to buy or rent in Punta Cana. These are folks that one can truly rely and trust. Thanks guys !!”

Dave & Beth Hale- Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Folks if you are looking to vacation, rent, buy or sell property in the Dominican Republic then the folks at Reliable Realty DR are the ones to go see. Once you are set up, then the other half of their business.... "Reliable Property Management" are there to manage, maintain, and rent out your investment. We are repeat renters since 2014, and believe us, no names, and no pack drill, I checked out everyone around the area!

As a retired Mountie from Canada I need to deal with people who exhibit honesty, reliability and trust. Many local folks in Punta Cana, from shop owners to taxi drivers, will try to steer you their way, and this is not recommended. Maria knows the area and their listings in Punta Cana (Bavaro- El Cortecito- Los Corales) very well.

Todd, the Property Manager and rental booking agent, and their supervisor (Gregory Perez) are the busiest, hardest working men in Punta Cana... from rolling out of bead at 5:00am for early morning checkouts, to rolling into bed at 3:00am from late night check in’s.

All the Reliable Realty staff are bi-lingual marvels, offering great help and a wealth of knowledge of where to go and what to do. The properties they manage and/ or list for sale, are in the top 20% of desirable locations in Punta Cana and Bavaro. The team of Reliable Realty can meet all your needs.

We visit  there for two months each winter, and the other 10 months are stress-free knowing our pre-booked rental unit is reserved for us the next year! The resorts were too much for us. We now know we prefer renting a condo! We often meet up with other retired people visting there who want to know about the RD. or RD.

I am only passing on Reliable Realty information.

Glenn & Dorothy (Dot) Brooks – Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania 

“Maria, words fall short of describing just how fortunate and happy we are to have met you.  Through your hard work, dedication, knowledge, and most importantly your integrity and bubbly, engaging personality; you took what could easily have been four days of anxiety ridden, hand wringing, Hell in Paradise, and INSURED our "power shopping" trip was a thoroughly enjoyable process, resulting in the realization of a lifelong dream for Dot and I.  The stars were certainly in alignment.  We found the best condo available with the best deal and were able to work with the best people, (developer, lawyer, and banker); all thanks to the VERY, VERY BEST real estate agent ... YOU!  If you didn't already have a perfect name for your company, I would suggest calling it Larimar, since you certainly are a rare gem of the Dominican Republic.  If this all sounds "over the top", it still doesn't come close to reflecting the reality of it.  If ANYONE comes to the D.R. and for whatever reason uses any other real estate agent, they are just simply crazy.  I will be happy to repeat all of this and much, much more to anyone who wants to know how wonderful it is to work with you, and will be happy to provide my email address upon request through you Maria.  Add to all of that, it was so great to meet Todd, and see that you both share the same professionalism and integrity; we are DOUBLE lucky.  We are not yet sure if we will rent the condo or not, (probably will), but either way we will certainly put our "Dream House" into his capable hands to manage it when we are not there.  We are eagerly looking forward to the future -- having the condo completed, visits south when possible, for long lazy days under the Dominican Sun on a beautiful beach staring at the perfect turquoise ocean ... AND becoming neighbors with our new friends, you and Todd”

Ana Johnson – Brookhaven, Missouri

Hi Maria, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Real Estate Assessment Tour. It was like hanging out with a friend and very informative. I actually told a friend recently that "the tour” was the best part of my vacation! Thanks so much!

Danny and Cheryl DeBolt – Vancouver, Canada
SELLERS OF A PENTHOUSE IN CORTECITO - Were In Property Management / Vacation Rental Program

Our property is managed by Todd and Maria Williams with Reliable Realty (Property Management). As per an overall experience, we would have to say they are by far the best the island has in property management. Once you secure a property and spend time on the island, you will totally understand what we mean. There are a lot of people who "say" they are property managers and make a lot of promises, but are not kept. Todd and Maria are not like that.

We have been approached by other people having alternate property management services with nightmare stories. Todd and Maria are selective as to who they service, and how many properties they manage. We actually bought our property from another Real Estate agency before finding out about Maria and we had a lot of problems.

We were fortunate to find Reliable Realty and convinced them to take us on board. It really has been turn-key. They have looked after everything for us for a number of years now, and give us detailed monthly statements with the all breakdown of expenses and earnings. We live in Vancouver, Canada so we totally rely on Todd and Maria for looking after our property. We have confidence and trust in all their abilities.

Matt & Cathie Laufketter – St. Louis, MO 

We met Maria and Todd at the peak of our frustration with Punta Cana real estate agents. We were searching for a rental management company and had one bad experience after another and decided it would be better to try it on our own. Todd was just starting out on his own which made us hesitant to work with him but we decided to give it a try. Both Todd and Maria jumped right in and we were able to get our rental up and running in no time. They gave us great suggestions and feedback which lead to our unit being one of the best rentals in the area. They did such a great job that we had a hard time getting time at our own place if we did not block it out months in advance, and we could not even think about the peak seasons if we did not plan at least a year in advance. As the company grew they were able to give us the same care and attention as day one. When we decided to sell we went exclusive with Maria. We wanted to avoid the unethical deals that we have seen and heard of over the years so we decided to not work with any other agents. We were in a hurry due to a business deal at home that we wanted to complete, but we knew it would be a smooth transition with Maria so we took the risk of it not selling right away. Maria gave excellent feedback, and as soon as we followed up on her feedback we had an offer and the sale was completed. The buyers had purchased a unit from Maria before and had success with their rentals with Todd which ended up being a benefit to us. The key selling point was our great rental history so the package deal of working with both Todd and Maria was extremely valuable to us. The closing was quick and we were at ease by using Maria's attorney, Mario. Reliable Realty provided us with more than just real estate and property management services. We were able to gain a great friendship with Maria, Todd, and their assistant Claudinne. We can't wait to get back for a visit and will only consider Reliable Realty for our vacation rental needs.

Donald Douglas - Canada

Just sitting here reflecting on the sale of my condo(s). It's not too often you come across people who are passionate and professional about their jobs. No doubt I have worked with good people, and have hired good people, but few are the real deal. However, I'm happy to say you two are the real deal. I only wish you were both in Canada to watch over my other interests.  If you ever have a new client, or someone wavering whether they should go with you, please give them my email. Cheers!

Basil & Jackie G. - Newfoundland, Canada

My wife and I along with 9 other family members / friends will be travelling from Newfoundland, Canada and staying at the Punta Cana Princess Resort Mar.22-29/2012. Within the last few days of researching some things to do off the resort, I fortunately came across your Resource Guide for getting around the heart of Punta Cana. First I must say thank you for such a wonderful source of info which will be so valuable and helpful to our group during our stay in Punta Cana!!! It is hands down the most informative guide I have ever came across in my days of researching prior to vacationing abroad (8 cruises and 4 All Inclusive resorts in the last 7 years). My wife and I would like to know if we could arrange for a tour to view the area discussed in your guide, as well as some of your vacation properties that you market to individuals who are looking to stay in the area for 2-3 weeks. After reading your guide, we feel that this would help us so much when we decide to vacation in Punta Cana in the future.

Ellis and Jeri H. – Clarksville, Tennessee

We too took the property assessment tour with Maria in early October 2011 and found the condo that we had been dreaming of for the past several years. The tour was very informative and Maria listened to our needs and only showed us the condos that met our criteria’s. There was no rush, no pressure. Everyone at Reliable Realty was extremely helpful in the getting the condo ready for vacation rental use. Claudine (the Office Administrator) was very instrumental in getting the additional items we needed and being sure photos were taken and emailed to us so we could see the progress. In the end, we own a beautiful condo at Arenas de Bavaro that suits us to a tee! Maria and Todd have kept it consistently rented since we purchased it and we feel that they are keeping us well informed at every turn in the road!

Steve & Marion B. - Cape Canaveral, Florida 

"My husband & I have been thinking very seriously of purchasing a vacation/retirement home in the Caribbean. Punta Cana came up in my internet searches, and looked very interesting, so we vacationed there this year (May 2010). We decided to take Maria's assessment tour of the area, as we were totally unfamiliar with it, and we were very much pleased with our time spent with her. She picked us up at our resort, and really showed us not only property, but the towns, and, shopping, from food to furniture. We had lunch at a lovely beachside cafe, a favorite with the locals, and the food was better than at the resort. Thanks to Maria, who is just such a sweetheart, we now have a real feel and flavor of the area, and it is certainly at the top of our list. We're not ready to buy just yet, but when we are, Maria will be our agent of choice. This tour was more than worth the cost, and we would highly recommend it, if you want to see the real Bavaro, El Cortecito, Punta Cana areas. Thanks again Maria for one of my favorite days of our vacation."

Perry and Cheryl M. – Edmonton, Alberta Canada 

"We are so lucky to have met Maria and Todd Williams of Reliable Realty DR. They come in once a month and check on our property. Maria and Todd have a cleaner who comes in, runs the taps, checks the air conditioning and humidity and does a thorough clean; she makes sure everything is in good working order. Because of the tropical climate, the humidity alone can really do damage. These are important concerns. We dry-skinned Edmontonian’s sometimes don't realize the challenges of a tropical climate -- mold, mildew, bugs -- and so it's critical to either become informed, take lessons or get help from people in the know. Todd and Maria are from the United States and understand that Canadians often have very different expectations. Our expectations are quite high, yet the Dominican is on island time, which is good in some aspects. We realize the people there aren't ignoring us, they just have different timelines and priorities, yet, Maria and Todd help with this concern when it comes to the seriousness needed when taking care of our second home in the Caribbean. Reliable Realty DR has many properties for sale, as well as short, mid and long term rentals. But the best part is that they can properly manage the properties they sell too”.

Mark and Mary M. – Vermont USA 


"Exceeding our expectations! We went online to find a rental property for a special birthday vacation with our two adult children but little did we know we would meet two of the greatest people you would ever want to work with in the process. It's sometimes scary to take a leap of faith into the unknown but we could not have asked for anything better. This condo was fabulous, exactly as pictured, with the location truly steps to the turquoise water and white sandy beach. The service we received from Todd and Maria was out of this world. They quickly answered our numerous e-mail questions prior to arrival. When we arrived we had more questions, where to shop, eat, etc. Again their assistance was invaluable. From the moment we met them, they made us feel extremely comfortable and words cannot describe the experience we had in Punta Cana. In these days of dwindling customer service, we can assure you they will do everything possible to make your vacation stay memorable. We are so fortunate to have chosen this property and to have had Todd and Maria to work with. If you want memories to last a lifetime, this is the place for you. We are looking forward to returning to see our new friends! We can't thank you guys enough for all you did in exceeding our expectations!! "


George and Pat R. – FLORIDA, U.S.A.

“We were very satisfied with the time and attention that Maria spend with us, helping us to find just the right condo and impressed with her personalized attention and ability to answer the many questions we had.  We have a new friend as well as an agent."

Harold & Janet C. - MICHIGAN, U.S.A.

“Maria maintained close contact during the entire sales process – we never felt alone.  All aspects of the sale were handled by Maria, the communication, all the Open Houses, and even the closing was flawless.  We would recommend her services to anyone needing a home purchase or sale.”

Dawn B. - FLORIDA, U.S.A.

"Marie was extremely professional, helpful, detailed, and diligent in the sale of my home.  I was out of state and Marie took care of every detail!  She sold my home during a very slow market time.  What I especially appreciated was Marie's honesty throughout the process.  Everything from how long the sale would take to what the house should look like to best sell in the market.  I feel so lucky to have stumbled across such an AWESOME AGENT!  Highly recommended!"

Kirk Y. - MICHIGAN- U.S.A.

“Marie Williams did a really good job of making sure she understood what I was looking for.  The great thing about Marie is that she was very patient with me and did not push me to purchase a home I was not interested in.  She was also great about not just showing a couple of homes, but quite a few homes.  Other agents I worked with in the past only showed me a couple of homes and if I didn't purchase, I felt like I was not important to them anymore.  Thanks again Marie.  I hope I can make more money to purchase another home with your help in the near future.”


“Long after the close of my home my insurance company cancelled my insurance because I forgot to send them photos.  In just mentioning this to Marie, she took it upon herself to come out to my home to take these pictures and even sent them from her own computer to my insurance company so I could be reinstated.  I consider Maria Williams not only my real estate agent, but my good friend."

Talwanda T. – MICHIGAN, U.S.A.

“I always think about how great of a job Marie did as my realtor. I love my house! There haven't been any big surprises. There was a small leak under the sink that was covered by the home protection warranty (thanks Marie for talking me into getting that). It was fixed without any problem and only for the price of the co-pay.  We should do dinner sometime!     I hope you keep selling houses and making people happy. Take care and God bless."

Dorothy S. – MICHIGAN, U.S.A.

“Maria, you definitely have what it takes to be successful at real estate.  You’re smart, outgoing, have high energy, are a motivational leader; you’re ethical, honest, and a great problem solver... You’re PERFECT” for this career!  When we decide to move, you will be the only realtor I call.