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Retirement Law Overview :: Tax 171-07

Overview of Benefits:

  • Exoneration of taxes of home and personal goods
  • Partial Exoneration of taxes of vehicles (vehicle age is considered)
  • Exemption of taxes on transfer real estate title (first property purchase only)
  • Exemption of 50% of the real estate property tax (when and if applicable)
  • Exemption of 50% of Capital gains tax (Inquire for specifics)
  • Exemptions for taxes levied on dividends and interest payments accured in the

country or abroad

Applying/ and Requirements: 

The primary docments; Birth Certificate, Police Report from highest Federal and State level, Health certificate from a certified Doctor, Financial Solventy (bank activity, income / expense statements, tax filings - (3 years miniumum),  A Guarantor (A sworn affidavit from a Dominican citizen or legal permanent resident, signed by two witnesses, specifying the type of relationship between the applicant and guarantor. A guarantor undertakes to settle any and all expenses, and legal issues that you incurred while here).

All Documents to be provided to a letgal Immigration Attorney here, must come showing APOSTILLE CERTIFICATIONS (International notaries).  These services and notary fees can be secured AT THE DOMINICAN CONSULATE IN YOUR COUNTRY - CLOSEST TO YOUR STATE - PROVINCE

There is no limit based on age

For required immigration legal services and our consulting assistance, please contact the Broker, Maria Williams.