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DR Residency Requirements

It is very important that if you are going to live in D.R. or stay for longer than one month you obtain legal residency. There are different types of residency:

  1. Residency for retired people
  2. Residency for investors
  3. Residency for family reunification

A few years ago there was no classification for the Dominican Residency, but now you need to apply for one of the mentioned before, and of course you need to justify your status.

With this said it is very good if a applicant for Residency also plans to set up a Dominican Corporation because this is an excellent justification that you want to come as an investor, thus making the application for an Investor Residency easier.

The first step for a foreign person to obtain a Dominican Residency is to apply for a Dominican Visa FOR RESIDENCY (There are different types of visa, but in most cases it is important applicants apply for the residency one.

For those pursuing a business here, this type of Residency will be a Dominican Residency Visa For Investor(s). This visa is obtained in the Dominican Consulate of your country and the consulate in your country can provide the required documents you need to apply for that type of visa.

These are the documents that you need to provide, along with notations of those provided when you secure the assistance of a Dominican Attorney versed in Residency and Dominican Corporations.

  • Dominican Visa issued by the Dominican Consulate of your country of origin. (You get it in your origin country)
  • Application form for residence (DGM), duly completed and signed. (Your attorney will help you fill it out and will then sign it the day he/she goes with you to the Immigration Department to do the medical test in D.R).
  • One (1) full legible photocopy of the passport, and the page where the photograph of the applicant and of the constancy of the visa. (You give it to the attorney- you can also have taken onsite at the Immigration Dept.).
  • Authorized medical examinations, with at least four (4) months of validity. (They perform this medical examination at the Immigration Department in Bavaro; The attorney will also go with you to assist you there. This is the first step, after the visa. Then after the medical reports are ready, we are allowed to deposit your full file). 
  • Six (6) pictures two by two (2x2), white, four (4) front and two (2) right side. (It is best to have them taken in Bavaro, the day of the medical test, to assure you have them the right way, per their size, an profile requirements). 
  • Original and Duly Apostled birth certificate, (Apostle with the Haya Convention Stamp) if the state that issues it has signed the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.(Resolution No.441-08 of the National Congress).(You get this birth certificate in your origin country with the Haya Apostled, United States is part of that convention).
  • For States not party to the agreement, the documents must be submitted to
    the Consular Delegation of Our Country in your country and was subsequently endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (You must do this in the Dominican Consul if your country is not part of the Haya Convention agreement, but as I mentioned before United States is part of that convention).
  • If the documentation is not in Spanish, must be translated by an official translator and then certified with the Attorney General's Office. (The attorney takes care of this here in D.R.). 
  • Certificate of NO recent criminal record, issued by the country where they have lived the past five (5) years and Complying with the provisions in paragraph five (5). (You get it in your country of Origin. Must have the provisions as outlined in paragraph 5 regarding the Haya Apostille).
  • If Married, you must also have your Marriage Certificate (certificate with the apostle seal), and as outlined in the “Provisions of Ordinal five (5).. .(You get this in your country and it must also have the Haya Apostle). You may also need proof by a qualified official that you are still married. 
  • Letter of guarantee made by a natural or legal person, with justification of economic solvency, with two (2) witnesses, notarized by a Notary Public and certified by the Attorney General of the Republic, taking responsibility off the Immigration Department for living expenses in the country and repatriation of the applicant, if necessary. A legible photocopy of both sides must be attached alon with the guarantor of the bonds and witnesses. (You need to get a Dominican Sponsor who declares he is co- responsible for you in this residency procedure, someone who can financially take care of any expenses including repatriation if needed. If you don’t have a sponsor here, your Attorney may know solvent people who charge a fee to sponsor people for residency. The attorney will take care of redacting, notarizing and registering the document). 
  • Act under private signature guarantor's declaration, assisted by two (2) witnesses in giving evidence of his good character and behavior, certified by a notary public and certified in the Attorney General's Office. Append and legible photocopy of both sides of the Bonds of the applicant and witnesses. (The Attorney takes care of this). 
  • If the type of residency is also an Investor Residency, it is recommended to start the corporation constitution right away, or at the same time you apply for the visa, because in addition to all the documents mentioned above, it will be necessary to deposit the support documentation of your business in D.R.
  • If you are planning to live in the Dominican Republic for more than 6 months, you may also need to prove you have a sustainable income from your home country (i.e. Social Security, Pension, Disability, or Retirement income).  As of 2012, this amount was $1200.00 a month per person.  Or, you may need to provide evidence you have a job or source of income from within the Dominican Republic.

​Common Q&A’s:

  1. Approximately how long does this whole procedure take
    The residency once we deposited the file in Migration department here it takes between 3 to 6 months, can be a little more depending if after relieving the file the immigration Dept has additional requests or observations that need to be filed. 3-6 months is average.
  2. Ballpark figure as to how much it will cost?
    Residency costs approximately US$ 1,500 per person, all expenses included. If you don’t have a Dominican sponsor one may be referred for US$ 300.00 per person if you meet the other qualifications.


For a list of reputable English and Spanish speaking attorneys, well versed in Residency requirements, please contact our agency.  See our home page for the CONTACT US form.