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Relocation and Residency Resources

If you are planning to live, relocate, retire, or open a business in the Dominican Republic, we do provide this Service.  Residency for those planning to live here 6 or more months a year, applying for legal immigration is a requirement. Not all applicants are approved (i,e. Must not have a criminal record - InterPol check, must not have an existing communical /contagious / disease, must be able to prove financials to support yourself); Therefore, it is highly recommended, to be legal here, you apply for Dominican residency. You don’t have to give up your home country citizenship.  Legal Residency entitles foreigners to live, work, and open businesses in the DR. There is a 6 step process, not including the documents you need to secure through the Dominican Consulate in your Country (State or Province).  The full process can up to 1 year.  Applicants will need to provide the required Apositle (International notary) for each document required.  You will physcially need to work with an Attorney who specializes in Immigration.  If you do not speak Spanish, or know all the offices in Santo Domingo to submit these original and notarized documents, you will additionally need local assistance. 

Our in-house Advisor/ Residency Consultant can assist.  Working directly with you, as a liason with the Consulate in your Country and the Immigration Attorney here in the Dominican Republic. All the required documents must be legally translated in Spanish, and in your hands, prior to your booked "Residency Trip" here. Some new resident seekers believe they can take care of all the requirements themselves.  Then realize, even if they speak some Spanish, they were declined because a document was missing, not translated, missing the international notary seal, or they did not know which offices to go to in the large Captial of Santo Domingo.  Ultimately, the time and cost when done correctly was almost doubled.

The total cost and fees (including your consulate) varies by Country (State or Province).  The estimated cost is now around $3,500.00 U.S. per person. Temporary provincial residency certificates can be provided (if needed) during the waiting period. New foreign owned businesses are welcomed here, however, they MUST BE legally incorporated and registered with the Comerece and the tax department here.  New Business set up is an easier and faster process when working directly with our English speaking Attorneys. The full process can take about 2-3 months to complete with the various commercial and tax authority entities here.  COST:  Approximately $2,500,00 U.S. (as of 2023).

Please contact us for more information,  Our valuable consulting and ethical legal referrals are value added to our agency, and takes time.  Therefore, this is a fee (consulting) based service we provide.  Please ask for a qoute.  Discounts are provided to those who have, or plan to purchase soon through our agency.

RESIDENCY LAWS HAVE CHANGED IN 2021 - Therefore, to keep most current, we did remove former links as parts of the information provided is no longer valid.

Retirement Law Overview- Tax 171

Origin of Funds  anti- terrorism law 155-17

EMBASSY'S (CONSULATES) here in the Dominican Republic (links below)-

For residency, you will also need to aquire legal and notarized documents from the Dominican Consulate in your State or Province.  We can assist, as this process can be frustrating, time consuming, with unneccary costs.  Especially if you DO NOT speak, read, write Spanish.  

U.S. Embassy to the Dominican Republic

Canadian Embassy to the Dominican Republic

U.K. Embassy to the Dominican Republic