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Project Management is different than Property Management.  This service is more complex and vital for those who have purchased NEW CONSTRUCTION, or those owners who want to RENOVATE or REMODEL their property.

Purchasing real estate in a foreign country can be more complex.  The process is nearly impossible without a grasp of Spanish, AND the ethical assistance of professionals, especially for those purchasers who do not plan to live here full time. We assist all our clients with every detail before, during and after their purchase, all the way to title in their name.  We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge, longitivity in the area, our reputation in the market, our FULL SERVICE abilities, and in having no law suits.

We provide complete Project Management Services for New construction soon to be ready, and renovations and remodeling requests.

Concerned about buying New Construction?  No worries when securing Reliable Realty SRL. About 40% of our sales are of New Construction, whether it be a single family House (villa) or a Condo (apartment/ flat).  Our Agency only works with proven Developers who used quality construction materials and follow the required building codes set by the government.  Many New Construction properties also qualify for the one-time 3% transfer title tax, and are also guaranteed 15 years of property tax exemption!  100% of the New Construction properties we have sold have been completed  (even if delayed), and have all achieved title in the purchasers names.  Please ask us if this is of interest to you.

We have a full team to assist, starting with exceptional English speaking Legal Attorney's… Project Managers, Property Managers, Full client services for owners and their vacation guests, and collectively speak 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and a little French),  Many agencies outsource these necessary services; often to small independents who are not legally registered as a company, and who operate solely from their home, so their abilities and resources are limited. 

Common New Owner Concerns.  

  • We won’t be able to physically come to the DR to see the progress or completion for ourselves
  • What if we want to customize the interior of the property?
  • Or paint rooms with our favorite colors?
  • Where and how do we buy furniture we need and like? 
  • What about Décor, home accessories, etc. we like?
  • Who will inspect the property when the Developers say it’s ready to be delivered?
  • How does this all work when we are here, and our property is far from us?


Reliable Project Management provides two important Inspections -

INSPECTION #1) -  A preliminary onsite inspection must be done once the property has been "declared" as finished.  But, it's important to know everything WAS actually finished; i.e. the installation of kitchen cabinetry and hardware was done completely and correctly, that the property was fully painted and cleaned well with no paint mess, that the new tile or granite is not cracked or discolored, etc., etc.

INSPECTION #2) -  Once the condo is furnished and accessorized (we assist with this) an electric meter must first be purchased by the owners, as developers/ builders do not include this because all electric meters must be set up with an account through the electric company and in the new owners names.  Once the Electric meter is installed (we coordinate this), it is then vital the electric to the property was installed correctly, that all the appliances and electronics work and the wiring to the breaker orientation is correct for each room.

We set up personal income / expense accounts; making it more convenient and cost effective for the payment of ownership costs on a timely basis, eliminating the need to wire funds all the time.  We establish the required utility accounts in the new owners names (electric, cable TV, internet, HOA, Insurance, etc.  (not an easy task here).  We assist with the full furnishing and accessorizing of the property, including the appliances, electronics, décor, and home accessories needed. 

Reliable Realty SRL is your full liaison working on behalf of your best interests.  In essence we are your "hands, ears, eyes, mouth, and feet on the ground here".  We streamline the communication with the Developers and outside contractors, and attend to you concerns on your behalf as quickly as possible, for all aspects you can think about.

THEN... we take it one step further with our FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (RPM) & VACATION RENTAL BOOKING SERVICES for those who desire to leverage their investment as an income property when they’re not using it.  Even if you do NOT plan to rent it out and simply need our monthly Property Management Services for cleaning, airing out, for regular security inspections, especially before and after a storm, .  We can provide our RPM Price and Service Outline for those clients who purchased through our agency, or for a property located on the beach, or a very short walk to the beach and all shopping & dining amenities needed.

NEED MORE INFORMATION?  Please contact Jeannie Flores: jeannie@reliablerealtydr.com (Administrative Office Assistant)