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Maria and Todd Beginnings Here

Making Paradise our Home


Prior to moving full-time to the East Coast of Bavaro (next to Punta Cana); owners and partners Todd and Maria Williams, traveled to various States in the U.S., South and Central America, and all throughout the Caribbean, yet consistently navigating back to Punta Cana/ Bavaro as the favored Caribbean vacation destination.  What lured them here then (as it does today) are the beautiful beaches, tranquility, low crime, affordable real estate, low hurricane risks, ongoing and exiting new infrastructure, the friendly mix of people from all over the world, friendly local Dominican people, and the stability of the Dominican Republic’s government with ongoing tourism efforts of “embracing foreigners, and foreign investors”.  Continually offering new investment incentives…

In 2008, Todd and Maria decided to make their favorite vacation spot their primary home.   As they learned more about the culture and real estate, they slowly began helping others realize the immense benefits of buying and living here.

By November 2009, they opened Reliable Realty SRL, a registered, tax-paying Dominican Republic (LLC) Corporation. In October of 2010, they opened the Reliable Realty office in the heart of the tourist beach-towns of Los Corales & El Cortecito. This favored beach-town has since become the setting for numerous HGTV episodes.  (6 episodes total with Maria or Todd as the presenting hosts).  See our Media page.

OUR TEAM GREW!  What began with just Todd and Maria, has grown into a team of several incredible people, all required for our growing sales of permanent and vacation homes, needed for those owners leverage their beautiful properties as vacation rentals when they were not using them.   Our team includes hardworking and ethical Sales Advisors and Sales Support; Our Property & Project Management team, including a Manager, Supervisors, Client Services, Housekeeping, etc.  Reliable Realty services over 2500 vacationers annually with an array of full VIP services provided to these owners and their vacationing rental guests, in hopes they will visit us again. This growth additionally requires the assistance of regular external legal services to include, Attorneys, Accountant, Human Resource, photographers, outside contractors, and many more. 

WORLDWIDE ATTENTION:  Beginning In 2010 when Maria wrote, “Getting Around Punta Cana Insider Tips” later named “Punta Cana Revealed”. 11 Editions total...  All SOLD OUT. This publication was initially intended as a much-needed travel and navigational area guide, because our Beach-towns of El Cortecito and Los Corales kept growing and growing.  By 2014, the final publication (then 120 pages) was voted by TripAdvisor participants, and numerous investors, as the "Best and Most Current Guide for the Punta Cana / Bavaro beach-town areas".  Attention morphed via several other mediums and continues to grow today.  This combined worldwide attention provides Reliable Realty with a consistent flow of Real Estate inventory for sale, an amazing portfolio of beautiful vacation rentals, and never-ending serious purchasers.  Our primary clients today are still English Speaking, but are also repeat purchasers (investors), Property Development Investors, with endless “word of mouth referrals”. 

OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTIZE:  Todd and Maria’s collective experiences and expertise have enabled them to grow a successful Bavaro/ Punta Cana real estate agency and Property Management (vacation rental) business.  Maria worked for several years as a licensed real estate agent in the U.S. having an extensive international sales & marketing background. Todd worked for over 20 years as an operations manager, then after hours, as a landlord (Property Manager) of his own investment properties in the U.S.

Listen to Todd and Maria’s story via this International Real Estate podcast (2014) Learn why they came to Punta Cana / Bavaro in 2008, and why they decided to stay.  Along with their challenges and their triumphs.