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General Residency Legal Information

How long does it take to obtain residency?

Provisional residency can be obtained by law firms for clients within 4 to 6 months. Provisional residency is granted for a year and only at the expiration of that year can the application for permanent residency be filed.  This is now a 4 year and 4 step process, which requires a Visa. Please contact our agency for a list of the most current requirements, reputable (English speaking) legal support, and approximate costs.

What If I extend my stay over the 30 period tourist card?

If you decide to extend your stay in the Dominican Republic, you need to visit the nearest Migration Department in Santo Domingo to request an extension. You will need to pay from about US$5 to US$100 depending on the length of your stay. The fee can also be paid at the airport upon departure.  Recent legislation was passed in 2014, and fees of approximately $50.00 per month and per person are now imposed for those who overstay their welcome over 60 days. Regardless, the penalty and fines are still considered minimal as the government recognizes there are many retirees renting or owning properties who do visit over 2 months a year.

What kind of businesses can be incorporated?

Dominican law only recognizes three kinds of business forms. The most common is an SRL, which is an infdividually owned company similar to an LLC corporation set up in the U.S. These are also corporations consisting of at least seven shareholders and companies designed around Partnerships. For a free legal consultation on which type of corporation is best for your needs, please contact our agency and we will be happy to refer you to an English speaking and reputable attorney versed in Corporation set ups.

What about shipping furnishings and personal belongings?

To relocate your household goods, you will want to contact a company who will handle shipping your property to the Dominican Republic. Make sure you contact several moving companies, and choose one who has a lot of experience moving people to the Dominican Republic. If your vehicle is 5 years old or less, it is possible for you to ship your vehicle to the Dominican Republic, but many people chose to purchase a vehicle when they arrive. Shipping your car can be expensive.  However, as a “catch 22” cars in the Dominican Republic are often expensive to purchase, and used cars are often not well maintained.  Recommendation is to calculate shipping a new car or finding a reputable used car dealership.  (Most are located in the Capital of Santo Domingo, wth some of the best deals in San Francisco or Santiago). For a reputable shipping company with direct company affiliation in Miami and the Dominican Republic (Engish Speaking), please contact our agency.

What tax will I have to pay on my personal effects and household items? 

Law 168 of 1967 authorizes new legal residents and Dominicans who have lived abroad for at least two years to bring in their household goods tax free. You will pay hardly any taxes on household goods and personal effects (or nothing at all) if you go through the process of getting your residency prior to arriving The process for personal goods is not as complicated as importing a vehicle.  In either case, it is recommended to seek a reputable shipping company who can first determaine your total costs. Note that not all items are exempt, and some items will be taxed if they are in excess of what the bureau considers normal for a household.

What are the requirements for relocating a pet?

For American's... (Form 7001)– This is the standard Health Certificate to be filled out by the (United States Agricultural Department) USDA by an accredited Veterinarian, which must then be approved (stamped) by the USDA. Must be issued within 10 days of your flight.

A Rabies Vaccination with certificate, and Vet health certificate are required for entry.  Make sure your Vet has the most current USDA forms. Also make sure your Vet sends all the forms directly to the USDA.

It is also advisable to purchase a Pet Passport ($7 USD) from specifying your country destination. This document is not necessary, but is well received by the entry country.  It also holds all your pets documents very nicely.  

Don’t forget to include a check for the processing fee $24.00 (as of 2008).  
The process only takes a few days.  
Once your pets papers arrive, you can book your flight.
As of 2008, American and Delta Airlines are the only 2 U.S. airlines that accommodate pet travel.
Also, check on the weight and breed restrictions for flying with your pet in the cabin.