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Punta Cana- Bavaro Real Estate, Vacation Rentals & Property Management 
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Company Initiatives - Giving Back to Our Community

Because we believe in giving back to the community, we actively sponsor the following three initiatives:


A good education combats many social concerns, especially in the "Developing Dominican Repbulic".

Education is is the key to obtaining and retaining better and more quality jobs, self-confidence, self-reliance, and better work ethics at home and at work. Therefore, we participate in various fundraising efforts for local schools. Some of our amazing owner, and repeat vacationing clients donate good-used clothing, school supplies, and money; which we provide directly to the good local schools.

All donations we receive are either delivered personally by us, or donated to reputable tour companies that visit schools on a regular basis (like Outback Safari).

Note: Please do not give cash directly to children, or others soliciting children. hisYou may feel you are helping, but you are actually hindering their future.  Giving money to children rarely benefits the children and may not even stay with the child.  This activity by tourist promotes begging, keeps them out of school, and undermines the value of education and honest work. An exception may be made if the child is offering a legitimate product or healthy service, and the money is NOT going to an adult using children for solicitation (personal gain). Children in the tourist zone of Punta Cana / Bavaro are not hungry and most are well clothed, However, many still lack education.  

Animal Rescue

We collaborate with Rescatame, a locally owned non-profit organization whose aim is to help every animal that is without a home, or is sick or abused in the area of  Bavaro / Punta Cana. Starting in May of 2014, Rescatame collaborated with numerous volunteer Veterinarians in the DR and around the world to treat over 1,500 dogs throughout the country.  This same compassionate effort now continues annually.  Many pet owners cannot afford ongoing vacinations for their pets.  One of Rescatame’s goals is to collect enough funds to open a much needed refuge center in Punta Cana/ Bavaro.  Volunteer help is always very welcomed and appreciated!

Our agency, on your behalf, can also pass your donations of money, collars/ leashes, dog food, etc. directly to Rescatame organization.  Maria has personally adopted 2 dogs from this great and much needed organization.

    Trash Clean Up and Recycling

Reliable Realty strives to empower our community to keep streets free of trash and to recycle. In the past, and coming soon again; we have provided numerous signs over outdoor garbage cans to encourage trash clean up.  In 2013 the local municipality followed our example by providing numerous, permanent trashcans with similar signs, in Spanish, placing them throughout the Bavaro/ Cortecito and Friusa areas (unfortunately, they removed our signs at the same time their signs went up... lol).


Partner with Us!

Interested in partnering with us in one of our initiatives? Please contact us!  

Reliable Realty will match 50% of all cash donations (up to $100.00).  Donations can be made via PayPal or, if you live in the DR, can be made through a direct bank deposit.  If you are planning a visit, we can accept donations in cash, and will provide you with a receipt  If you’d rather connect directly to an organization we partner with, we can point you in the right direction.  Thanks for caring!