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Welcome to Reliable Realty SLR; a legal, incorporated, and registered agency offering one-stop-services in Real Estate, Consulting, Project Management, Project Development, Property Management, Vacation Rentals & Booking Services, VIP Owner, and Guest Services. Our primary clients are North American; however, our office collectively speak Spanish, English, French, Russian, and Dutch 

LOCATION:  Plaza Artistica 2-3, Ave. Alemania,  El Cortecito, Bavaro (located between the Impressive and Vista Sol All inclusive Resorts). 


It’s important to compare Real Estate Agencies here.  Especially now, with several new emerging agencies taking a stab at our vibrant real estate market.  Some agencies do not have offices here on the East Coast of the DR.  Many have little or no real knowledge or history about this rapidly changing market and its constantly changing trends.  Many agencies secure young agents who sold timeshare (vacation club) properties previously.  Many have no " REAL ", real estate experience, nor do they understand, nor care, to understand real estate laws here.  Some agencies attempt to capture attention with large billboards that, unfortunately block our beautiful palm trees.  Many have "fancy looking" websites, however, these sites have no real substance. Many of these "fly-by-night" agencies primarily represent New Construction, which all agencies here do as well.  Many borrow listings from other agencies (handshake listings - no formal agreements) with very few secured listings of their own. Many are independent Freelance "Agents" who sell real estate as a hobby while employed elsewhere, making it difficult to fully represent, support, or find time for ongoing services and proper Market research and Real Estate training.   


  • Speaks your language 
  • Understands your culture
  • Hires Professionals and trains them well
  • Understands Real Estate Law and real estate taxes here in the DR,
  • Understands how legalities and Real Estate Sales processes work here, compared to the sales process in U.S. or Canada, as a good comparison
  • Stay with their clients throughout the entire sales process and well beyond
  • Offers all the services related to Real Estate.
    • i.e. Exceptional legal services, Full Property Management, Project Management and Project Development Services, with life-time consulting to their loyal clients
  • Has proven longevity here - know the areas that best meet their clients’ goals, while constantly tracking the REAL market conditions and trends
  • For SELLERS, can provide the best and most showing /selling opportunities, with a high volume of secured sales, and thousands of website inquiries annually
  • Have a high percentage of their own direct listings; not borrowed. collaborated - or "hand-shake listings"
  • For New Construction offerings, they personally know the Developers & Constructors (Builders) well and have verified which are legitimate with legal and approved permits and proven track records. 
    • Trying to buy directly through a Developer or buying through an inexperienced Agency or Independent with no office, can cost new buyers MORE!
  • Consistently maintain positive reviews with a continual strong reputation in the market



  • " Cash is King " here.  It is difficult for Foreigners who do not live or work here, to qualify for a loan.  Bank mortgage interest rates can be very high (7-10% APR). Better to secure assets in your own country via a home equity loan.
  • Banks in the U.S. will not finance a property here, due to Jurisdiction reasons should the buyer(s) default(s).
  • DIRECT OWNER FINANCING could be another option. (Example 50% down, at 5%, for 5 years).  Direct Owner Financing is typically only offered as a Seller incentive during a Flat Market.
  • In today’s healthy real estate market, Builders (Developers) will only finance during the term of the estimate construction completion.  This term depends on the size of the community and onsite amenities. (i.e., For 40 units or less, approximately 18 months. For 150 - 250 units, up to 3 years.
  • Developers will only discount the asking price with those able and willing to pay more down payment (after your reservation deposit)
  • 2022 Prices for properties a walk to the beach, dining, shopping, & services:  By Spring of 2022...  2-bedroom condos (apartments priced under $125,000 U.S. are non-existent.  A handful of small 1 bedroom’s exist around $120,000 average
  • If a 2BR, priced under $100,000, the property may really be located a DRIVE to the beach, shopping, and dining.  Or may not have a clear title or could have latent issues.  Some agencies hide these truths or may not even know the property situation.
  • Fixer-Upper's:  Most all condos located a walk to the beach were built AFTER 2008, meaning we are now seeing a few fixer-uppers, or condos needing some remodeling or renovations starting to emerge.  We can assist with renovations and Repairs via our Full-Service Project Management Department.
  • We do not represent properties with title problems.  BUYER BEWARE!
  • The majority of our Listings are Exclusive (with the exception of new construction). 
  • Be sure your "Agency Selection" is also a top consideration ... NOT JUST THE PRICE
  • Our Agency can mediate a successful purchase, while always matching YOUR BEST INTEREST AND THE MARKET REALITY
  • WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR HARD WORKING AND ETHICAL TEAM, Including the legal Attorneys we trust, who since 2008, and upon the signing of the Sales Contracts, have helped our Agency achieve 100% closing success with title, and with no lawsuits or grievances.


  • BUYERS BEWARE... WEIRD CLIENT REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS HERE - Researching properties FOR SALE is good, however, please know, when you ask a simple question of an agency, even if they don't respond (or speak your language) they will automatically pre-register you with all New Construction Builders/ Developers, hence blocking our ability to "PROPERLY" represent you.  Simply send us their property links so we can tell you the "truth" about their advertized listing, and / or let them know you are already working with Reliable Realty, so we can collaborate directly with them.


KEY - Property Status...

"FOR SALE" V.S. "PENDING" V.S. "SOLD" (our listings anyway) 

  • "FOR SALE" - The property is still for sale, but it may have a signed purchase offer
  • "PENDING SALE" We have a fully signed Purchase Offer, and an earnest deposit has been received
  • "SOLD" - All sales contracts are signed, and the property is paid for... or is officially under an approved and legal finance contract).

We are always busy year round.  Meaning, we must prioritize with our most serious buyers first.  However, even if you are not quite READY,  That's OK, as long as you are serious.

AUTHENTICITY:  If you see this same, or similar information on another website,

chances are they "copy-pasted" content from us (again).  


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