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Meet Our Team



Maria Williams
Broker/ Owner

1-829-274-1637 / or whatsapp me

Maria Williams is originally from Michigan, has been a U.S. licensed REALTOR since 2005, and has lived in Punta Cana since 2008.

You may have seen Maria on HGTV Caribbean Life http://reliablerealtydr.com/hgtv_caribbean_life.html 

Maria is in good standing with the U.S. National Association of Realtors (NAR), and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

Maria maintains a continued affiliation with Century 21 in West Michigan, and is a member of the AEI Real Estate Association in the Dominican Republic.

Maria’s primary clients (both sellers and buyers) are English speaking from the United States, Canada, the U.K. and various parts of Europe. Maria holds an international marketing degree along with over 35 years combined experience in sales, marketing, customer service, project management and small business ownership. 

Maria is the proud mother of two married and successful children, and eight beautiful and talented grandchildren. She cherishes her visits and catching up with family and friends throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Maria enjoys travel, art, photography, golf, and various water sports including swimming, boating, and scuba diving.

Sadly in May of 2016, Maria's faithful Pomerianan (Amber) past away from a 4 year long stuggle with congestive heart failure.  She was 11,  As the Agencies mascot, her photos used in many well-known publicity in the DR, will continue to be used in honor of her unconditional love and acceptance, her toughness (despite her size), and her fight to survive. As well as a symbol of our agencies pledge to assist in the dog rescue programs here in the Dominican Republic.  



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Season 3, Episode 11: 

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Watch for NEW 2018 upcoming episodes!

Maria also has extensive property management experience, and has received various project management and customer service awards, She was a former District Manager for Pacific Intercultural Exchange, and has extensive experience in tradeshow and event planning, She formerly owned an art gallery and school inMichigan, and was an Honorary Chairperson for the National Congressional Committee, and is a proud U.S Army Veteran.

Maria's "Claim to Fame"

While serving in the U.S. Army as a squad leader in South Korea, Maria was selected to meet with former president Jimmy Carter in 1980. During breakfast, Maria suggested that service men and women be allowed to wear tennis shoes instead of uncomfortable standardized military leather boots during extensive training. This suggestion was implemented throughout most U.S. bases and several bases abroad, and has since led to more consideration in the customization of breathable military footwear, hence increasing performance, and reducing painful orthopedic conditions.





Todd Williams 
Co-Owner/ Property Manager/ Reliable Property Management

1-829-754-7259 / or whatsapp me

Todd Williams has lived in Punta Cana since 2008 and together with his partner Maria, they are the creators and pioneers of the short-term vacation rental concept and explosion in Bavaro (Punta Cana); and the industry leaders in FULL SERVICE Property Management and Vacation Rental Booking Services in the area.

Todd ensures that our property management services and vacation rental services are done with excellence, regularly exceeding the high standards of our primairly North American clients.

Reliable Property Management  offer the most affordable and most comprehensive management/ Vacation Rental services in the area, with no hidden fees.

Todd and his team now services nearly 75 exceptional properties, and Todd personally oversees the daily scheduling and coordination of all property management functions. He also oversees all monthly accounting and rental statements and answers an average of 50 rental inquiries daily. All this is a true testimony to Todd and his team’s dedication, ethics and excellent reputation

Under Todd's leadership, Reliable Property Management was the first in the area to be contacted by HomeAway, has achieved the Trip Advisor Excellence Award, and has has been featured in The Edmonton Journal (May 2010) and The Winnipeg Free Press (August 2010).

Todd has over 23 years combined property management experience in the U.S. and in Punta Cana, along with these other skills and experiences:

  • Certified U.S. Repair Technician
  • Over 30 years of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing experience 
  • Experienced in swimming pool pump, plumbing and repair 
  • Utilizes cost effective repair and restoration approaches 
  • Uses of state of the art property management/ landlord accounting software programs
  • ​Former tool and die operations manager with a U.S. company for over 20 years
  • Many years of experience in owning and managing investment income properties in Michigan\


Todd is quick to respond... although he attends to ongoing emails, texts, and phone calls day and night.  He is a straight shooter,  and is passionate about demonstrating prinicpalites and ethics, expecting the same from all those he works with.



Yiseiry Cabrera

Office Administrator - Sales Support, Sales Associate,  Excursion Booking Specialist

1-809-362-7935 Office

1-828-602-0612 cell / or whatsapp me

The first face or first impression of our full service agency will most likely be with Yiseiry.  She is bilingual (Spanish and English), is mild-mannered, patient, yet hard-working, professional and efficient.  The perfect fit for this most important and demanding position!

Yiseiry Cabrera primary functions are as our Office Administrator and Sales Support.  Yiseiry vast experience in Real Esate allows her assist with our both our Spanish and English speaking clients in all aspects of Real Estate sales and rentals, Project, and Property Management/ Vacation Rental - Guest Services.

Yiseiry additionally assists our over 4000 vacation rental guests annually providing our clients a generous portfolio of Excursions and Tours our agency offers.  Like a resort (only more personal) she assist with the full booking and coordination of over 100 different offerings, providing all answers and details needed in maximizing all our clients vacation experience here in the Dominican Republic.

Yiseiry naturally possesses a pleasant and relaxed demeanor.  Her ability to assess and troubleshoot all real estate and administrative processes as well as our daily time sensitive requirements makes her a wonderful asset to our team.

Yiseiry was born to a large family in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She was raised by her grandparents since her parents live in the United States. Yiseiry came to Bavaro 3 years ago, in search of a better opportunity for her 5-year-old daughter, who is her reason for living. Lian Zoe is a very special little girl.

Yiseiry’s hobbies consist of all different genres of the arts. But she absolutely loves relaxing to music, especially Jazz, Soul, and Blues. A reserved person, she prefers a good conversation with friends and a glass of wine in her living room, rather than going out to a bar or nightclub. She boasts about few, but very good friends. For her, family and close circle of friends is most important. Spending quality time with the people who she loves is just what gives meaning and value to each of her days. It is not a surprise she madly loves the beach. It is her favorite place in the world and where she feels like home.

Yiseiry has worked for 10 years in restaurants, in all fields from Hostess, Bartender, Server to part of the Operations and Purchasing Management team for a major US franchise. She decided to leave the busy atmosphere and look to start a new experience and career that would offer her quality time with her daughter. She understood that she owed all those long hours to her daughter.

We are excited to have her on our team and value her strong moral character as a trait that fits so well with our companies mission statement.


Rosemaylin (Romy) Genao Diaz

Administrative Assistant- Sales Support, Customer Service, & Excursion Booking Coordinator

1-809-362-7935 Office

Rosmaylin, or “Romy”, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is the oldest of several siblings.

She started working at the age of 16 at the Outback Steakhouse; a US Franchise located in the city of Santo Domingo (the capital of the Dominican Republic).  She was influenced by her mother who was manager of Outback Steakhouse and her father, who was a professional Chef at Sophia´s a fine dining Restaurant in Santo Domingo.

Later, she moved with her mother to the Outback Restaurant in the touristic area of Bavaro / Punta Cana.

Rosmaylin worked for 3 years in Outback Steakhouse, in the fields of Hostess and Bartender, but she later decided it was time to make a change. To get out of her comfort zone and learn new skills that more correlate with her ongoing Business Administrative studies; a new career offering new experiences that would offer her more opportunities, yet also, more time to continue her university studies.

Initially studying at the International Business at the APEC University in Santo Domingo, Rosmaylin later transferred to Business Administration at the Caribbean University in the Dominican Republic, where she is currently attending part-time.

Rosmaylin’s hobbies include; traveling around the Dominican Republic with a specialized community called “Road Trip Makers”, a national and international group where likeminded members camp in more remote areas, and together discover the countries beautiful, yet hidden places and secrets. So far, Rosmaylin has attended national trips within the DR, but she would like to join the international travel opportunities in the near future.

Going to the beach, sharing moments with special friends, and going to the movies are also her favorite pastimes.

Rosmaylin considers herself a proactive person who adapts to changes easily.  Those who know her say she is fun, responsible and friendly.

These are the traits Reliable Realty embraces, and we are confident our valuable owner clients, repeat vacationers, collaborators, service providers and developers (whom she will work closely with) will receive top notch and attentive customer services from Rosmaylin.

Rosmaylin role with Reliable Realty is as the Administrative Assistant.  An all-important job in the office consisting of an array of diversified tasks, and requiring exceptional skills in of organization, data entry, and friendly customer service.



Lissette Castrellon
Project Manager / Liaison / Customer Service

1-809-901-5250 / or whatsapp me


Lissette Castrellon was born in Panama and raised in Dominican Republic. Her Dominican mom brought her to this country at the age of two.  She resides in Bavaro with sister.  Lissette has an older brother who lives in Puerto Rico, and 2 other sisters from her Panamanian dad.  One who lives in Panama, and the other resides in New York.

Lissette is an ongoing student at UNIBE (University) in Santo Domingo, extending her studies in real estate law part-time at UAPA (university).  Once completed, she will bring yet another benefit to our growing real estate agency.

Prior to her employment with Reliable Realty, Lissette worked as a Team Manager for 7 years for

 an American call center located in the Dominican Republic.  She possesses an array of skills and experiences vital to our team in customer service, education, and time management.

Some of Lissette’s observed strengths are her determination, dedication, motivation and willingness to learn new skills; exemplified by her ability to master the English language primarily “on her own” (speech, reading and even written). However, later she did take an English course to learn the proper grammar rules.

Lissette role with Reliable Realty is our “Project Manager”.  An “all important” liaison between our property owners, and the developers, contractors, service providers; as well as the communication voice between the Sales and the Property Management departments. Being articulate, organized, detail oriented, with consistent and timely communication is a MUST for this demanding, yet fulfilling multi-faceted position! 

Project Management is an extremely valuable service offered exclusively to our numerous client's who have purchased properties brand new construction communities, especially those who do not reside here (yet)... hence the need for physical “feet on the ground” during the construction stages, all the way to full completion, providing full assistance in all finishing aspects, an invaluable service other agencies do not offer; i.e. inspections, paint choices, furnishings, décor, accessorizing, and other customization to name just a few. 

Or, for our current owners, owners wishing to sell, and new owners purchasing resale properties, Lissette orchestrates the required work for updates, repairs, upgrades, and / or remodeling requests. 

7 of 10 of our buying clients primary purchase goal is to leverage as a lucrative income property; so Project Management is in high demand in getting these properties ready and customized to their tastes for the Property Management/ vacation rental side of our full service business, so as to best meet the heavy annual flow of short-term vacationers.

Lissette says, “I want to do the best job possible in all I pursue, and I plan to make a career in this vibrant Caribbean real estate/ Project & Property Management industry”. 

Interestingly, Lissette’s personal goal is to learn about a different country each year; especially the country’s history, culture, music, dance styles, lifestyles, and architectural designs.

Lissette loves dogs and sports.  She notably excels in basketball. On her free time, when she is not studying, she enjoys music and dancing (especially Bachata and reggaetón).  She also looks forward to going to the beach, writing, drawing, dining out, and trying new cuisines.  Lissette revels in learning something about everything, which is evident in her ability to learn new and challenging skill sets with prompt eagerness.

Rest assured, with Lissette’s strong, organized, and determined character combined with her well-rounded experiences, our valuable client’s property investments are in very competent hands.


Gregory Perez 
Property Management Supervisor

1-809-860-0040 / or whatsapp me

Gregory Perez is Dominicanborn and speaks fluent Spanish, Dutch and English. At the age of nine Gregory moved to

 Holland (Europa) with his mother for a better life. While in Europa, Gregory studied Philosophy and also held a part time job as a car-painter while attending college. “This education, combined with my work experiences, changed my life into becoming a more mature man,” says Gregory.

In 2006, as part of the human rights movement in the DR, Gregory worked for a public school for four years, primarily as a teacher. During that time he amassed valuable skills while participating in many educational activities including various workshops, conferences, teamwork courses, and leadership training.

Gregory is a loving and hardworking husband and the proud father of 2 young children who reside here with him.  His primary job as the Property Management Supervisor, is to assist Todd (the co-founder and Property Manager) as the "feet on the ground" person, thus assuring various property and project management work orders are immediately attended to.Personal hands on customer service is in high demand for the over 4000 vacationers and owners the Agency services annually, especially during high season (Dec. - April) when there can easily be 10 or more check-in and check-outs in one single day.

Gregory's role as Property Management Supervisor varies every day - from personally attending to small repairs himself, coordinating the cleaning and transportation schedule, attending to the ongoing inventory management needs, assisting with prompt bill paying, to the personal and professional client check in and check out duties. 

Gregory also assist with our Project Management team in immediately attending to vacation rental guest (or visiting owners) request for minor repairs (i.e. A/C, televisions, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.).  Gregory also assist our new owners in establishing electricity services, cable TV and internet.  His ability to speak, read, and write both Spanish and English is essential for this position.

Gregory’s responsibilities require him to be on call nearly 24/7 so that he can meet the many needs of our clients from around the world. However, even while balancing his work and family life, Gregory receives daily compliments for his kind, prompt, professional and calm approach in all situations. 


Krystal Gorham
Sales Agent

1-809-957-6099 / or whatsapp me

Krystal Gorham was born and raised in South Western Ontario Canada, and brings 25 years of experience in sales, management, and marketing.  Krystal, along with her husband, own a successful Heating and Cooling business with operations in Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville Ontario, Canada.  

As a co-owner of this business, together they built their business to the growth and success it is today.

As a business owner herself, Krystal truly understands the importance of our agencies most cherished values; honesty, trust, hard work, and exceptional customer service.

Krystal is also member of the Canadian Legion and has lived in Foggia, Italy for 8 years before the operation of their business in Canada, hence providing her the opportunity of learning to speak some Italian. A great advantage here in Punta Cana.

Krystal has been traveling to Punta Cana for years before moving here full-time. Like most of our team, it was her dream to live the lifestyle that Punta Cana offers, and by having a great team running their company back home, this has allowed Krystal and her husband, the opportunity to fulfill this dream.

After almost a year living in Punta Cana, Krystal decided she missed the interaction of working and assisting people. Thus, bringing her to Reliable Realty.  Krystal is ready to help you accomplish the same dream of home ownership and a lifestyle change soon.

Krystal and her husband have three beautiful daughters and a loyal German Shepard, which they have had since a puppy.

When Kyrstal is not meeting new people, and/ or selling Real Estate, she is an artist working on a new art piece in her favorite acrylic medium; painting beautiful landscapes Punta Cana is known for.  From a 3rd party perspective, she is quite talented too.  A few of her amazing paintings are now proudly displayed in the Reliable Realty office. Krystal’s other hobbies include walking, playing ball with her dog, cooking, and trying new cuisine’s.

Krystal looks forward to developing long and lasting relationship with all her clients, whether the purchase is securing a perfect permanent home here, a vacation home, and / or as a real estate investment.



Karen Moller - Thomas
Sales Agent / Consultant

1-829-383-3091 / or whatsapp me

Karen has lived in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for the past seventeen years, after moving from Santo Domingo where she worked as a teacher at St. Michael's School for five years.  Previously she lived in various countries including Colombia (Santa Marta), England (London and Manchester), Mexico (Acapulco), the U.S. (Orlando) and in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata and Sosua).

Born in Santo Domingo, Karen speaks, reads and writes both Spanish and English fluently.  Karen graduated as an Architect, and has a Master’s Degree in teaching.  She's taught English as a second language for many years.

While in Puerto Plata, she founded a bilingual school in Costambar; In Santo Domingo a ceramics workshop, and in Bavaro she opened Tukasa, Mira Fine Arts Gallery, and Mira Books and More. 

Interestingly, Karen has also been a wedding officiant since 2014, a service in high demand in the “Wedding Destination Paradise of Punta Cana”.  Over the past few years she's written a cookbook, called “Karen's Kitchen”, and a fairy tale adaptation, entitled “The Golden Bird”.  She enjoys traveling, sunrises, sunsets, the beach, reading, cooking, and music. 

Karen is blessed with a wonderful family consisting two sons, a daughter and recently her family has increased and been blessed with two lovely daughters-in-law, two granddaughters, and a grandson on the way.

It’s obvious “boredom” is not in Karen’s vocabulary.  With her extensive travels and knowledge of the Dominican Republic, her grasp of both the English and Spanish language, her Architectural background, her love of teaching, as well as her desire to learn and master new endeavors, Reliable Realty is thrilled she is part our growing sales team, and we are confident all her combined skills, ambition, knowledge and life experience will be a perfect fit for an exciting and rewarding Real Estate Career.



Danny & Isabel Jensen
Agents/ Consultants



Danny was born in the late 60’s in Frederiksberg Copenhagen Denmark, and grew up in a small town in the southern part of Denmark on the beach, where he spend a lot of time playing. His grandfather was a well renowned ship captain and a 

passionate fisherman. Many fond memories of fishing  for eel and hering with his grandfather. Danny’s family then moved to Greenland in the 80’s, where Danny started his apprenticeship as a chef.  At 16 he moved back to Denmark alone to finish his education and worked at a hotel as a chef in Copenhagen for a year, where he met Isabel at a private party, and fell instantly in love, and still are to this day.

Shortly after, Danny moved to the U.S. where he lived initially on the East coast and later moved to Colorado where he enroled in a flight school and attained his associates degree in aviation technology.

In 1998, Danny moved back to Copenhagen and took mechanic education and in 2001 opened his own car mechanic shop, over the next 14 years it grew to the largest independent Mechanic shop in Copenhagen of 10000 sq. ft., and 15 Mechanics.

Danny speaks, reads and writes Danish, English, German fluently, and has already mastered about 80% in spoken Spanish.

Isabel was born in Odense, on Island Fynen Denmark as the youngest of three sisters.  She grew up partially in a very small and cozy farmers community with a great passion for horses.

When Isabel was about 5 years of age, she moved to North Sealand to another small town where she spent a lot of carefree time horse back riding, and with friends.  She attending a school that based their teachings on music, arts and hightened welfare of the kids.

Isabel´s dad was from Barcelona Spain and was a cartoon artist, he was the sole drawer of the Cartoon “the Phantom” in all of Northern Europe for 30 years. His travels to Paris in the early 1900 made him a fenominal artist.

Isabels Mom was a nurse from Jutland and she was the definition of a “Mother Theresa”.

Isabel was educated as a chef working at the Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen in 1990, then spent a year In London as a chef, then 3 years in Kibutz In mastering the desserts of Israel, and socializing with people from all over the world. Later Isabel extended her education as a nurse assistant, a field she is passionate about, and worked as daily leader in several Senior Care Institutions in Copenhagen.

Isabel also attained a degree in Meconomics from the Copenhagen Business School and later worked at the Danish International Hotel, and Chef School as a teacher.

The largest Chef School in northern Europe.

Isabel loves to read, cook (of course), travel,  and listen to anything from opera to country music. With her 5 horses and 7 dogs she is a passionate animal lover.

Isabel speaks, reads and writes Danish and English fluently.

Danny & Isabel and their two children Joshua and Mathilda, who are now teenagers,  came to the Dominican  Republic on vacation in 2013 and loved it!  They came back in 2014 and loved it even more. After a many considerations they decided as a family to move here permanently. They sold everything and came to the Dominican Republic in October of 2015 and have never looked back.

They immediately purchased a large parcel of land and together as a family, have built a big ranch home in Macao (near the beach) where they love to ride horses, help stray dogs, fix cars, entertain guests with their amazing “Chef surprises”, and are continually enhancing their home with unique energy efficient ideas.  They also love go to the beach and spend time with friends.  They even dabbled in owning a small Macao beach/ bar restaurant for awhile. 

Through the nearly 2 years of construction, as a family, and through both trials and triumps, they have gained a lot of knowledge of the buiding processes here (concrete constructon) and have grasp quickly how to adapt of the more laid back Dominican culture.

With Danny and Isabel’s 20 years of speculating, buying, selling, as well as vast experience in all stages of house renovations and building in both Denmark and the Dominican Republic, together they.have decided to work as a “close knit couple team” in sharing their knowledge, and through the Real Estate profession in both sales and consulting here in the Dominican Republic.

We at Reliable Realty are excited to embrace Danny and Isabel as part of our Sales team.  It is evident they compliment each others individual strengths.  Their additonal Danish, English, German, and Spanish language proficiencies are a great bonus.  We are confident with all these experiences and skills, together, they can provide “over the top” services and consulting advise for our clients … so they to, can achieve their investment goals and likewise, fullfilling their dreams here in the East Coast of the Dominican Republic.



Lexie Wilcox
Professional Photographer and Area Tour Guide

Lexie Wilcox is from New Brunswick, Canada and now lives in Bavaro full time.  She is a well-known icon here with her bubbly personality and inquisitees about any new business and/ or event going on in the area. (Even where the sales are happening) 😊

Lexie has two daughters, 2 son’s and three grandchildren, with many bragging photos of them to share 😊

Lexie offers 2 special and value-added services to Reliable Realty owners and vacation rental guests.  Her informative mini, yet affordable Walk-About-Tour, as well as an array of photography services offered.

1. "WALK-A-BOUT" TOUR: This custom tour is a condensed, yet informative “area / amenity discovery tour where together with Lexie Wilcox, Canadian – Dominican resident, explore our friendly Bavaro Beach-town neighborhoods of Los Corales and El Cortecito… with emphasis in the Los Corales commercial and beach areas.  Lexie provides beneficial navigational and cultural tid-bits from the perspective of a North American expat.  So instead of spending several frustrating hours of your vacation time trying to “figure it out” join knowledgeable and bubbly Lexie on her valuable area Walk-a-bout” tour.


NOTE:  This is NOT a Real Estate Tour.  For more information specific to the real estate market and opportunities here, please refer to “REAL ESTATE ASSESSMENT TOURS”

2. Custom Photography Services Include: 
• Updated home photos (interior/exterior) for increased FOR SALE or FOR RENT   attention and exposure
• Cherished memory photos of your vacation in Punta Cana (Bavaro)
• Photos for a wedding or special event in Punta Cana (Bavaro)
• Unique and professional photos of the area, your family, friends, or pets
• Lexie also offers some exceptional stock photos for purchase for work projects, websites, FaceBook, or specific area photos.  Ask about her amazing portfolio.

Please Contact Lexie Directly for More Information and Pricing.
Yes, she uses Whatsapp!

Since Lexie’s first bazooka bubblegum camera, to her sophisticated high-end equipment she uses today, Lexie has had a passion and eye for photography; landscapes, objects, people, interior spaces, groups, family events, weddings, and even photographs for websites and corporate ads. Lexie’s love of animals, birds, and all God’s creatures allow her to step out of typical photography boundaries. She has captured cultural beauty in photos in many places throughout the world, including Europe, 11 provinces in Canada, 45 states in United States, and the Caribbean.

While living in Brunswick, and when Lexie was not pursuing her passion for photography, she worked as one of the few female taxi cab drivers in Canada and owned her own cab. Formally Lexie was the vice president of tourism for the Chamber of Commerce in her Canadian hometown and has over 20 years of customer service experience in numerous fields. Lexie also enjoys home renovation and design, horseback riding, and designing and sewing her own evening gowns.